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With 60+ Optitrack Cameras, 6 HMC's, Stretchsense and Rokoko gloves for detailed finger capture, and 2 inertial body suits, we can offer a full range of performance capture and animation services for film, television, video games, health services, and live production.


Performance/Motion Capture

Our main service is performance capture which encapsulates body, facial, and finger capture if required. This process, using performers to capture the desired motions, facial expressions, and finger movements, allows for the characters to be brought to life in a realistic/stylized fashion. After the data is captured it can be efficiently placed on the character and be ready for post-animation. This can be used in both 2D and 3D.

montage image.png

2D/3D Animation

From Pre-visualization through final product, our animation team can bring your project full circle. We can clean the data, solve the data to your rig and character or create the rig for you and tie the animations together with cycles or blending. Whether a stand alone animation or a series of animations that need to fit into your animation tree, we can bring it together for you.


Live Production

If you looking to have live, performance capture included in your next production, we will be there for you. Please inquire with us and we can walk you through this process.

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